Saturday, June 8, 2013

Aceh Becoming As Tsunami Tourism Place

Earthquake occurs at 7: 58: 53 am. Earthquake center located in longitudes 3.316° N 95.854° at least 160 miles west of aceh at depths 10 kilometers. This earthquake measuring 9.3 richter scale and is an most intense earthquake in the last 40 years that impacted Aceh, the west coast of peninsula Malaysia, Thailand, the east coast of India, Sri Lanka, even up the east coast of Africa. Aceh as city that casualty the world biggest and thousands of building destroyed, thousands of also lost a corpse is not found and thousands also geeks in interred in public.

In Indonesia, a quake swallows more than 170,000 fatalities. About 250,000 people in 13 countries died in the tsunami disaster, which occurred after the earthquake in the Indian Ocean. Dozens of houses were destroyed by the earthquake, mainly in Meulaboh and Banda Aceh on the tip of Sumatra island. In Banda Aceh, about 50% of all buildings were damaged by the tsunami. However, most of the casualties were caused by the tsunami that struck the West coast of Aceh and North Sumatra.

Now the disaster has passed, Aceh has risen to re-arrange everything has been damaged over the disaster. Aceh, located in the westernmost region of the Republic of Indonesia with its natural beauty and cultural attractions as well as the richness of the history of the past has been prepared to promote Aceh through the tourism industry in a sustainable and environmentally with fixed characteristics of mengkedepankan area, in particular the development of tsunami tourism with many relics of the tsunami.

Overview heritage attractions Tsunami in Aceh

The existence of the Museum as a Tsunami museum in Aceh and international community pride, in addition to being a symbol of the strength and patience of the people of Aceh in the face of the tsunami disaster, also became an icon of tourism Aceh tsunami. The Museum was built by the architectural approach to the culture of Aceh with various collections and events of the tsunami, such as documentary film/4 dimensions, cartoons, paintings, hikayat Aceh Tsunami, poetry, short stories, plays, music or song, the story of ”Smong Semeulue 1907” and other local wisdom became the attraction and learning media effectively for travelers heading to kesiap-siagaan disaster.

Baiturrahim Mosque In Ulee Lheue, Banda Aceh. One of the survivors of the 2004 tsunami and then immediately even though it is set in the coastal area. A rare event that an unsolved to this day, how mosques of brick concrete boneless this can withstand the dasyatnya tsunami immediately while the rest of the building were not left the ground.

it was the reviews at a glance about the tourism legacy of the tsunami in Aceh. There are still many other attractions that continue to be developed into a heritage tourism tsunami in Aceh. For tourists both local and foreign tourists, we sincerely welcome in Aceh. “Aceh” from the tsunami tragedy to the tsunami tourism.


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